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Welcome to MOTORCYCLETRIPS.NET  Here you'll find motorcycle movies created by independent travel films producer Gerald  Gary Smith, in DVDs and book format to add to your motorcycle accessory package.  Riding 2 wheels, motorcycle trike or motorcycle sidecar, the adventure travel DVD and web download series provide viewers a unique video diary of a motorcycle adventure rider.  Travel the roads of the Pan-American Highway to Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina,  driving to Deadhorse Alaska on Prudhoe Bay via the Alaska Alcan Highway and Dalton Highway the Haul Road, driving from Deadhorse Alaska at Prudhoe Bay on the Beaufort Sea, across Canada & the Northern United States to Happy Valley Goose Bay Newfoundland Labrador, via the Top of the World Highway, Road to the Sun and portions of the Trans Canadian Highway.  Afterwards it's on to Key West, Florida while touring the Cabot Trail, the Skyline  Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway and Tail of the Dragon.  Within the coming years this travel film documentary series hopes to have detailed a motorcycle road trip circumnavigating the Americas a circuitous ride back to the bottom of South America, a Trans America trail in the broadest sense.  I'm riding a Russian, Ural motorcycle sidecar utilizing it as a filming platform for these films.


Movie Reviews

Jean (Seattle, WA)

"Not since Bill Nye the Science Guy has there been a more "homespun" genuine and enthusiastic guide...This film is way better than "Grizzly Man"...


Hack'd Magazine, (Spring 2007 Volume 21/4)

...Gary Smith did a great job of producing this DVD with his personal experiences and thoughts in real time, real life.

Ron (Walla Walla, WA)

New video equipment sure did a great job of documenting the trip... I'm looking forward to the next episodes ...trip. Go Gary !!!!


Mike (Lutz, FL)

...extremely well done and very enjoyable.  I've watched it twice in two days.



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Other Movies

"Mexico, Central America, Colombia Ecuador, Peru Chile Argentina"

Episodes 2-4 & 8

1 DVD Disc.  Episodes 2-4, Central America, Colombia Ecuador and Peru Chile Argentina are 55 minutes in length. Episode 8 Mexico Highways is 83 minutes in length.  All are independently produced.

The movies are filmed driving the length of the Pan American Highway (La Carretera Panamericana) on a motorcycle trip through Latin American from Tijuana, Mexico to Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, on Tierra del Fuego in Argentina as far south in the world as one can ride.

"Burro Has Three Wheels episodes 2-4 & 8 present a true story of adventure riders touring in Latin America, seldom available in the main-stream media.  Episode 8 is my latest film produced in 2010.  My wife and I traveling together in it.  Other than that I'm on my own in the remaining Latin American motorcycle episodes.  Episodes include; (2) Central America, (3) Colombia/Ecuador, (4) Peru, Chile, Argentina, (8) Mexico Highways.

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"Burro Has Three Wheels episodes 2-4 & 8

"Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway"

Episode 5

1 Disc, single episode DVD (:68 minutes) independently produced.

The movie is filmed from Astoria, Oregon to Deadhorse Prudhoe Bay, AK as far north in the world as one can ride.  It is the 5th in my multi-episode ˇ°Burro Has Three Wheelsˇ± series that trace the roads of North, Central and South America, my cycle world.

"Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway" provides viewers a preview to a journey through the northwestern portions of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Alaska, riding the road to Prudhoe Bay Deadhorse, The Dalton Highway (The Haul Road)

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"Alaska to Labrador Highway"

Episode 6

1 Disc, single episode DVD (:85 minutes) independently produced.

"Alaska to Labrador" provides viewers a preview to a road trip through North Americas, Alaska, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, New York, Quebec and Labrador

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"Newfoundland to Florida  Highway"

Episode 7

1 Disc, single episode DVD (:58 minutes) independently produced.

"Newfoundland to Labrador" provides viewers a preview to a journey over North Americas eastern roads.  Provinces & States that include; Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C., Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina, Georgia & Florida.

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Motorcycle Touring Travel Book

Burro Has 3 Wheels

(Tracing the Americas)

Book Description

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Preview Book

Release Pending 2011


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