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Episode 4 from the series Burro Has Three Wheels

Alaska Prudhoe Bay Movie Trailer

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Motorcycle Touring Travel Book

Burro Has 3 Wheels

(Tracing the Americas)

Book Description

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Release Pending 2011


Ride to Alaska by motorcycle.  “Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway” is the 5th in my multi episode “Burro Has Three Wheels” DVD series, that circumnavigate the roads of North, Central and South America.

If you're thinking about travel to Alaska by riding a motorcycle or driving a car or RV, this Alaska motorcycle touring DVD will make you smile. 

     Finishing the ride from Portland, Oregon to Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, in 2006, the first four episodes in my adventure rider blog and eventually DVD  (Mexico, Central America, Colombia / Ecuador & Peru, Chile, Argentina taking me as far south in the world as one could drive) were produced and simply titled “Burro Has Three Wheels”.  In June of 2007, I set out to finish my top to the bottom ride of the world, a road trip that would take me to Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, as far north in the world as one can drive.   

     “Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway” riding to Alaska, provides viewers a preview beyond book format to a driving journey through the northwestern portions of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Alaska.  This time I am not traveling alone.  My old friend Tom and his companion Linda have asked to accompany me.  They’re riding two up on a Kawasaki KLR 650, I’m riding a 2005 Ural.

     Highways include; US 101 on the Washington Coast, Canada Hwy 1 on Vancouver Island, BC from Victoria, BC to Port Hardy, BC, The Inland Passage along the BC coast, Canada Hwy 16 from Prince Rupert, BC to Kitwanga, BC, Canada Hwy 37 (Stewart-Cassiar) to the junction of Canada Hwy 1 near Watson Lake, YT, Canada Hwy 1 (Alaska Hwy) the Alcan Highwayto the US border, US Hwy 2 to Fairbanks, AK and finally AK Hwy 11 (Dalton Highway-The Haul Road) to Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay, AK. 

     This movie documents the reality of three riders traveling together and what they experience.  Sit back and enjoy an adventure of a lifetime that includes: weather, road conditions, local people and the terrific music found in the Pacific Northwest.   I hope you get as many smiles watching this film as I did making the journey.   

     Reaching Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay Alaska, I wasn’t ready to head home just yet, the highway beckoned, and I couldn’t ignore the siren’s call. 

     So…Burro and I headed east to Goose Bay, Newfoundland / Labrador then on to Key West, Florida.  These additional motorcycle travel documentaries comprise episodes 6 & 7.  Future episodes are expected to document the entire tracing of the Americas as I ride the eastern coasts of Mexico, Central and South America. 

Purchase of the DVD or Flash Video download of the motorcycle adventure movie book "Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway as well as other motorcycle movies are available on this web site.


      Because I solely fund this independent film project, it is greatly appreciated if you'd forward or post this web site's address to others you believe would enjoy this "journey of a life time". or

Audio & Video Format

     Available in North American (NTSC) and European (PAL) formats.  Language:  English

     1 DVD disc set, 1:08 runtime, filmed in reality style.

     Camera:  Canon GL2 (DVC)

Sound Track includes

Terry Robb  (Drag In F, Got Me  Shakin’ Now)

 Lloyd Jones (Highway Rider, Fools Gold, Travelin’ On, Doin’ What It Takes)

Jim Mesi (Mr. Smarty Pants, Short-Man-Shuffle)

DK Stewart (Shameless Boogie, Monday Nite At Da Candlelight)

Robbie Laws (Thank You Mr. Earl, Take The Nite Train, Ice Pickin’)

Steve Bradley (Endless Winter, Shut Up & Dance)


     I hope my DVD brings you as many smiles as I had making the journey.  

     Happy Trails, Gerald (Gary) Smith 

Movie Reviews

Ron (Walla Walla, WA)

New video equipment sure did a great job of documenting the trip, what to expect, hazards, and places to go. I'm looking forward to the next episodes due out in Dec / Jan of the rest of the 07 trip. Go Gary !!!!

Mike (Lutz, FL) extremely well done and very enjoyable.  I've watched it twice in two days.

Jacque (Australia)

Really enjoyable, great DVD & music. Many Thanks

Bill (Wichita, KS

Great DVD, have enjoyed your travels with the Burro, A++

Vern/Cindy (Fountain Valley, CA)

We bought DVD 5 and found that it was inspiring. The camera shots and editing
mix are down to earth and so very real.

It felt like we were there and it gave us the incentive to venture out.

Gary has done a great job, don't change a thing on
your presentation. Really refreshing, WOW. We are ordering the rest of Gary's

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Adventure Travel by Motorcycle Movies on DVD & Book

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