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Original Movie Trailer "Burro Has 3 Wheels"

Original Movie Trailer

"Burro Has 3 Wheels"


Available January 2011

Movie Trailer Episode 8

"Mexico Highways"


Movie Trailer Central America

Movie Trailer Episode 2

"Central America"


Movie Trailer Colombia Ecuador

Movie Trailer Episode 3

"Colombia Ecuador"


Movie Trailer Peru Chile Argentina

Movie Trailer Episode 4

"Peru Chile Argentina"


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Motorcycle Touring Travel Book

Burro Has 3 Wheels

(Tracing the Americas)

Book Description

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Preview Book

Release Pending 2011


New Release January 2011


Ride to Ushuaia Argentina via the Pan American Highway, La Carretera Panamericana, Autopista Panamericana South America, América del Sur, Sudamérica, Suramérica, by Motorcycle

If you're thinking about travel by riding a motorcycle, car or RV on the Pan American Highway (La Carretera Panamericana) to Patagonia, the first movie I made will make you smile.

Burro Has Three Wheels, a motorcycle movie filmed through South America, Central America and Mexico, originally a blog, documents driving The Pan American Highway, and has been greatly received by viewers since its availability in November 2006.  This is an amazing feat for someone like me who produces, films, edits and distributes the movie solely without corporate backing.

On the heels of this first movie's success, I have released 4 subsequent motorcycle movies motorcycle touring North, Central and South America.  They are; Prudhoe Bay/Dead Horse Alaska from Portland, OR, USA on The Dalton Highway, the Haul Road (episode 5 "Alaska Prudhoe Bay Highway") Prudhoe Bay/Dead Horse, Alaska USA to Happy Valley/Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada ("episode 6 Alaska to Labrador Highway")  Happy Valley/Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada to Key West, Florida, USA (episode 7 "Newfoundland to Florida Highway"), Florida Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and most of Mexico (episode 8 Mexico Highways).     

     "Burro Has Three Wheels" was produced in 2006 after motorcycle touring the Pan American Highway.  Originally this movie was part of a 4 episode, 3 hour, 2 disc DVD. When I left home I only had a cell phone camera with me to begin with and did not purchase a true video camera until 1/2 way through my first Mexico ride.  I did not plan on making a movie but I decided to include it so the entire story could be told.

Due to production enhancements episodes 2, 3 & 4 of the first episodes are now only sold as individual episodes.  The original Mexico (episode 1) is no longer available but..."Mexico Highways" (my new release) is as of January 2011.  Produced in 2010 you'll want to share this movie with your mate(s).  You'll find useful information, tips and laughs from this motorcycle tour of Mexico.

All of my movies are filmed in reality style, a motorcycle movie similar to what is seen on The Discovery Channel and Travel Channel.  While riding a BMW styled Ural motorcycle sidecar.  In these four episodes I take viewers on my solo motorcycle tour through Central America (episode 2), Colombia, Ecuador (episode 3) and Peru, Chile Argentina (episode 4) to the end of the world, Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

     Seldom available through mainstream medias, these "Burro Has Three Wheels Presents" episodes detail true images of the roads, landscapes & peoples of the Spanish speaking Americas.  These motorcycle movies compliment adventure travel & long distance motorcycle travel beyond a books format on the ultimate road trip.  It is a preview to a "journey of a lifetime."  These video motorcycle travelogues include; Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua,  Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

     Ride along in the Ural sidecar, as far south as any road in the world goes, to Patagonia, nearly on-third of the way around the world with this Pan American Highway movie.


Motorcycle Story

     Planning began in November of 2005.  With time on my hands, my wife Marilyn suggested I should take Burro for a ride.  This seemed like a good idea except in the Pacific Northwest at this time of year, its cold and the rainy season is in full swing.  All said, I was up for an adventure.  When Marilyn asked where I thought I'd go, my response was naturally..."South". 

     We knew legendary dual sport motorcycles like the BMW, Kawasaki KLR 650 and others had made the journey but we had never heard of a Ural or any motorcycle sidecars doing it.  Many people thought Burro was an antique Harley Davidson.  I tried to correct the Harley Davidson misnomer but eventually gave up and let 'em believe what they wanted.

     Anyway, the miserable weather continued to make it's presence known...I couldn't find a descent day to even walk around the block.  Finally on the 6th of February 2006 we got a break in the weather and I roared out of the driveway weighing 1250 pounds (there will be times when Mar joins me that Burro will be carrying 1400 pounds). 

     Slipping my gloves on Marilyn asked, "When do you think you'll be back?"

     "Heck...I might be back this evening, we'll see how it goes," I replied.

     This wasn't an unexpected response from me because I'd never ridden more than 150 miles from home on any motorcycle before.  However if all went well we'd planned on meeting in Zihautanejo (North of Acapulco) in March.  After that I figured I'd just return home to Portland.  But...I was havin' a blast and before I knew it, one country was leading to the next.  Soon I was making my move into Colombia and the rest of South America. 

     Resting at roadside cantinas, I'd tie Burro to a hitchin' post beneath the shade of tree and imagined myself as a character from a Cormac McCarthey novel.  Just like one of them, I was riding my faithful steed across the Rio Grande along a dusty trail to adventure. 

The Darien Gap was something I really wanted to try with a motorcycle sidecar but this seemed to be pushing my limit.  After 3 days in Panama City, Panama I chose to fly the motorcycle to Colombia.

Today it still makes me smile when I think about the locals referring to me as "El Norte Americano Che Guevara."   I suppose that's because I wasn't runnin' with the pack, just a lone rider.

     After four months on the road, I returned home and began editing my video trip log.  When I thought about it ... I had never seen any video on TV or elsewhere depicting many of the countries I had traveled through.  Unlike other motorcycle movies such as Long Way Round and Motorcycle Diaries, I did not have corporate sponsorship.  There were not any "Hollywood" support or film crews on this adventure.  Burro Has Three Wheels © is likely the first video production of a solo sidecar motorcycle trip on the Pan American Highway in addition to circum-driving the Americas offered to the public.

     There isn't enough space here to tell the whole story so I have assembled my travelogues and hope to publish the entire story within the year.

     If you enjoy travel, travel films, travel adventure & great music, grab a seat in the sidecar (the easy chair) place a fan so it's blowin' through your hair, turn up the sound ... and ENJOY the ride.  It's a great addition to your motorcycle book library or motorcycle accessories package.

Danger...Warning!  You'll want to head right out on your own adventure after watching them.

     I hope my DVD's bring you as many smiles as I had making the journey.  

     Happy Trails, Gerald (Gary) Smith 



      Because funding for this independent film is limited, it is greatly appreciated if you'd forward or post this web site's address to others you believe would enjoy this "journey of a life time". or


Audio & Video Format

Available in North American (NTSC) and European (PAL) formats.  Filmed in reality style.  Language:  English

Camera: Canon GL2, Samsung SC-D363


Movie Reviews

Jean (Seattle, WA)

"Not since Bill Nye the Science Guy has there been a more "homespun" genuine and enthusiastic guide...This film is way better than "Grizzly Man"...

Tom (Hood River, OR)

On a Tom's Thumb 1~10 scale, I give it a solid nine. Go buy his DVDs and I think you'll enjoy them...

Hack'd Magazine, (Spring 2007 Volume 21/4)

...Gary Smith did a great job of producing this DVD with his personal experiences and thoughts in real time, real life.

James (Sealy, TX)

Wow!!! ...Thumbs
up !!!!

Malcolm (Canaan, CT)

...Ewan McGregor with out glitz.  Really great job Gary.  I have already watched it twice.


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reviews Plus more

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Mexican insurance can be purchased before you leave by joining Vagabundos del Mar.  707.374.5511

Insurance in Central and South America can be purchased at the borders.

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Adventure Travel by Motorcycle Movies on DVD & Book

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